Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Concept Art

Hi Every one I am Suraj Dhar.
I love creating abstract ideas and concepts.
Thanks and welcome!!

Ya so now I created my own blog! and very first I am uploading my concept art work...[All are sold..!!]

[1] Sampati: Ramayan character.

[2] Devndr: King of Dev race.

[3] Vritrahisur: This concept came to my mind with one rig vedic story

[4] Vrischikasur: This demon first ''Hypnotise'' you than kill you with his Poisonous sting!! He is a "Maha-Raksh'' of Insects.

[5] Simhasur: Half man half Lion demon

[6] Gajavaktra: Half man Half Elephant


  1. Hi
    remember me yogesh here ,I always know you are a good artist but your recent stuff is jaw droping and it kept me sell bound not to mention your extensive research on some of the unknown character's of India mythlogy.
    I wish I would get a chance to work on characters like these some day.

  2. Hi sir ....after a long time i am seeing a quite different concept art ......I really love it!!!!

  3. Hi Suryaaaa...
    such a nice concept. wow I love it